Nicola Jackson

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Print by Nicola Jackson

Dunedin-based artist Nicola Jackson makes work in an articulately intimate mode, frequently drawing on the domestic life and female identity in a very subtle way, but on occasion reaching over into the expressively grotesque and medical anatomical taxonomy (the physical and metaphysical human body is a preoccupation of much of her art). Her work has a highly stylised, almost cartoon-like sensibility that counterpoints philosophical delicacy with visual robustness and verve, defying simple categorisations and labels, making her a popular artist for projects involving children. Dolls and fantastical self-portraits are frequent motifs in Jackson’s work, which is often highly decorative in incorporating ornamental borders and backgrounds that emphasise the artwork as a collectable object.

Working in a diverse array of media and formats, Jackson has Diplomas in Fine Art in sculpture and printmaking from Canterbury University School of Fine Art, received a prestigious Goethe Institute scholarship to study in Germany in 1992, and was University of Otago Frances Hodgkins Fellow in 1994. In March 2017 Jackson had a major solo show The Bloggs at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. She has worked on a number of public commissions and her work is held in collections throughout New Zealand.

Dr Andrew Paul Wood